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Our Vision

We aim to establish ourselves as a pioneering electronics brand, addressing industry challenges with cutting-edge, dependable, and eco-friendly technology solutions that elevate user interaction and enrich customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a leading electronics brand, bridging industry gaps with innovative, reliable and sustainable technology solutions that enhance user interface and customer experience..

About Us

Qwatt is the brainchild of a group of professionals who have held top positions in renowned multinational companies, specializing in Product Research & Development, Marketing, and Business Management. Leveraging their extensive expertise and knowledge in these respective fields, the team embarked on a mission to analyze the existing and future market landscape of the Automatic Lighting & Electronic industry, identifying critical gaps that require sustainable solutions.

The journey began with the development of Qwatt automatic timer switch for lights, which represent the first step towards achieving our mission. However, our team’s ambitions extend far beyond this initial innovation. With a commitment to embracing the latest technologies while adhering to sustainable principles, Qwatt is dedicated to introducing a wide range of products and solutions in the future.

Each solution that Qwatt brings to the market is the result of a meticulous process of research and development. Our team strives to create products that are not only efficient and reliable but also user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.

By starting with an innovative solution for automating lighting, Qwatt aims to promote energy efficiency and enhance the quality of life for our users. Our goal is to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to make a positive difference by adopting sustainable practices and technologies.

Let’s join with Qwatt on this exciting journey as we create a new era of innovation together.

Automatic Timer Switch for lights

Premnath Parayath

Co-founder, Director

Mr. Premnath Parayath is one of the captains at the helm of the Qwatt ship. He has an impressive 28 years of experience in the lighting and electrical component industries. Throughout his career, he has worked as a consultant for numerous multinational companies and has held key positions in renowned organizations.

During his tenure at Lighting Technologies International Group of Companies as the Head of Sales and Business Development, Premnath was entrusted with significant responsibilities. He successfully oversaw the topline and bottom line growth of the verticals under his purview while also focusing on risk mitigation and ensuring the sustainability of the business.

Furthermore, Mr. Parayath’s experience at GE Lighting, where he served as the General Manager, made him responsible for driving profitable growth in the LED signage, traffic, and automotive segments. Premnath excelled in developing short- and long-term strategic plans as well as sales forecasts to ensure the realisation of projected volumes and profitability goals. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in formulating all business initiatives aimed at growing the LED signage, traffic, and automotive businesses.

His experience at OSRAM in his early career paved the way for a comprehensive understanding of the lighting and electrical component industries. With his extensive background and wealth of knowledge, Mr. Premnath Parayath continues to drive Qwatt forward, leveraging his expertise to guide the company towards greater success and innovationWith his extensive background and wealth of knowledge, Mr. Premnath Parayath continues to drive Qwatt forward, leveraging his expertise to guide the company towards greater success and innovation.

Kiran James

Director & Co - Founder

kiran j

Mr. Kiran James is an accomplished and visionary leader, serving as the founder and director of our esteemed company. With a keen eye for unique opportunities, he consistently demonstrates exceptional strategic thinking and a relentless drive for success. Under his expert guidance, Qwatt has emerged as a thriving enterprise.

In addition to his role as director, Mr. James holds the position of Vice President and Global Head of Marketing & Product Development at Muthoot Mathew Group, one of the leading NBFCs in India. Leveraging his exceptional thinking, he has successfully revitalized the century-old financial institution, establishing a brand image that resonates with the new generation.

An alumnus of IIM Jammu, Mr. James boasts an impressive educational background, including multiple postgraduate degrees in Business Administration, Brand Management & Product Development, and Digital Marketing. His extensive expertise spans various domains, encompassing Corporate Communication, Media Management, Digital Marketing, PR, Content Development, Brand Management, and Product Development. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to driving growth and establishing strong market presence.

Recognized for his inspiring speeches and noteworthy contributions, Mr. James has been featured in esteemed national media outlets such as Brand Suthra, Media News 4U, and The Free Press Journal. His thought leadership and strategic insights have inspired countless individuals to explore the dynamic field of branding.

A true innovator and visionary, Mr. Kiran James embodies excellence and a steadfast commitment to achieving remarkable results. With his unparalleled vision and expertise, he continues to shape the future of our company and inspire professionals across the industry.

kiran j

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Qwatt automatic timer switches have established a significant presence across India, and we are currently expanding our reach even further. With a growing network of authorized dealers and distributors, we are making our products easily accessible to customers across the country. Our commitment to delivering reliable and user-friendly lighting control solutions has helped us build a loyal customer base and become a leading provider in the industry. With our continued expansion, Qwatt is poised to make an even greater impact on the Indian market and beyond.

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