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Qwatt Time Switches

Revolutionizing Signage Control with IoT precision

Qwatt Time Switches

Revolutionizing Signage Control with IoT Precision

Qwatt Time Switches

Revolutionizing Signage Control with IoT precision

Qwatt IoT Enabled Time Switch for Centralized Monitoring

In today’s digital landscape, the Internet of Things (IoT) serves as a transformative force, seamlessly interlinking devices and systems. While it has revolutionized many industries, sectors like Banking, Automotive, Petroleum, Outdoor Advertising, ATMs, and Multi-Store Brands still rely heavily on manual operation for lighting, especially signage. Yet, the potential for automation, digitization, and IoT integration in these areas is immense.

The Qwatt IoT Centralized Monitoring System establishes real-time connectivity between signage and the facility team. Its flexible, configurable dashboard offers an overview of signage operations, including energy trends and consumption comparisons for detecting any potential energy loss. Additionally, it provides visual maps of unresolved faults, expediting the rectification process. The swift adoption of this centralized system underscores its timeliness and relevance.

IoT enabled time switch
IoT Enabled Time Switch Module

Qwatt IoT Module

Centralized Monitoring System​

1. Real Time visibility of Signage & Lighting Operation
2. Real Time Health Monitoring of Signages
3. Capturing the root cause of the failure
4. Fire retardant UL Grade Plastic Built
5.Compatible with all Qwatt Time Switches
6. Easy Installation & Operation

Revolutionary Features

Centralized Monitoring

At the core of Qwatt’s capabilities lies its centralized monitoring system. This feature empowers users with real-time insights into energy consumption, device status, and overall system health. Through a user-friendly interface, stakeholders can effortlessly access a consolidated view of connected devices, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize energy usage.

Real-Time Signage Health (Active/Inactive Status):

Qwatt ensures that users stay informed about the operational status of their signage systems in real-time. The IoT-enabled time switch actively monitors the health of connected devices, providing instant notifications in the event of any anomalies. This proactive approach allows for swift troubleshooting and minimizes downtime, contributing to the overall efficiency of the system.

Communication through WiFi

Qwatt leverages WiFi connectivity to establish seamless communication between devices. This wireless communication infrastructure ensures flexibility and ease of installation, eliminating the need for complex wiring. The WiFi integration not only simplifies the deployment process but also enhances the scalability of the system, accommodating the growing demands of modern infrastructure.

Electrical Parameter Measurement

One of the standout features of Qwatt is its ability to measure electrical parameters in real-time. The time switch provides accurate and instantaneous data on voltage, current, power factor, and other crucial electrical parameters. This wealth of information empowers users to identify inefficiencies, detect potential issues, and implement corrective measures, ultimately contributing to energy conservation and cost reduction.

Real-Time Notification & Alerts

In the dynamic landscape of energy management, timely information is paramount. Qwatt addresses this need with its real-time notification and alerts system. Users receive instant alerts regarding device malfunctions, abnormal energy consumption patterns, or any other predefined parameters. This proactive alert mechanism ensures that users can take prompt action, preventing potential disruptions and optimizing the performance of their energy infrastructure.

Enhancing Sustainability

By providing centralized monitoring, real-time signage health tracking, WiFi communication, electrical parameter measurement, and instant notifications, Qwatt IoT Enabled Time Switch emerges as a pivotal tool in enhancing sustainability. The system empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, reduce energy waste, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future