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Qwatt Technologies Unveils
IoT-Enabled Time Switch for Signage Lighting Automation:
A Revolutionary Leap in Efficiency and Sustainability

IoT enabled time switch

Qwatt IoT enabled Time Switch Centralized Monitoring System

In the contemporary digital landscape, the Internet of Things (IoT) stands out as a transformative catalyst, seamlessly connecting various devices and systems. While its impact has been revolutionary across numerous industries, key sectors such as Banking, Automotive, Petroleum, Outdoor Advertising, ATMs, and Multi-Store Brands still heavily rely on manual lighting operations, especially in signage. Nevertheless, the potential for automation, digitization, and IoT integration in these domains remains vast.

The widespread acceptance of IoT is rooted in its capacity to generate extensive data from interconnected devices, poised for insightful analysis. This data not only facilitates process optimization and informed decision-making but also fuels the development of innovative applications.

Against this backdrop, the integration of IoT across diverse industries is progressing rapidly. Qwatt Technologies, renowned for its continuous innovation and proficiency in incorporating cutting-edge technologies within niche industrial sectors, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking solution: a synergistic centralized monitoring system for signage lighting automation.

Qwatt gained industry attention with its programmable time switch featuring four outputs, automating multiple devices, all backed by an impressive five-year warranty. Their other time switches, specifically designed for signage light automation, have received high acclaim. In response to the escalating demand for signage automation, they’ve reached a significant milestone by integrating IoT technology with their time switch.

This IoT-integrated lighting automation system addresses a critical challenge in signage operation. Previously, resolving signage issues involved a week-long process of reporting, permissions, and resolution. With this innovative solution, the troubleshooting process is streamlined for swift and efficient resolution.

In a span of just seven days, assuming a minimum of 70,000 footfalls, an improper operational cycle can lead to a substantial negative impact. Studies indicate that 75% of people base their judgments and decisions on signboards. Clearly, a darkened signboard for a week results in a significant loss of business.

The Qwatt IoT enabled Time Switch with Centralized Monitoring System establishes real-time connectivity between signage and the facility team. Its flexible, configurable dashboard provides an overview of signage operations, including energy trends and consumption comparisons for detecting potential energy loss. Additionally, it offers visual maps of unresolved faults, expediting the rectification process. The rapid adoption of this centralized system underscores its timeliness and relevance.

Prominent clients have joined forces with Qwatt, embracing innovation and progressing towards a sustainable future.

As socially responsible entities, corporations seek activities that contribute to the sustainability of Mother Earth. This IoT-driven light automation not only ensures seamless operations for these corporates but also significantly reduces energy consumption, offering a dual advantage in fostering sustainability.