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Time Switch for ATM Signage and AC

Efficiency Redefined: Time Switch for Signage &ATM AC automation

The introduction of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) by HSBC Bank in Mumbai in 1987 created a buzz in India. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), there are currently 14.19 lakh micro ATMs spread across the country as of December 2022. However, India still falls behind other emerging and developed countries in terms of ATM accessibility and technology.

One of the major challenges in deploying ATMs in India is the availability of power. To tackle this issue, some institutions have implemented solar power solutions in specific areas. Despite power scarcity, it is common to find ATMs with unnecessary air conditioning and light usage, leading to power wastage and equipment damage.

It’s quite common that we see poorly working air conditioners, dim lights, and scattered paper slips at the ATM counters installed outside the vicinity of the bank. In contrast, ATMs located within bank premises are typically well maintained by the security staff.

An ATM counter consists of various electrical equipment such as the Teller Machine, lights, signboard, and air conditioner. While the ATM itself needs to be operational 24/7, the continuous operation of the air conditioner, lights, and signboard can cause premature equipment failure.

Most ATM counters lack a security guard to manage the lighting or air conditioning, and sometimes nearby residents or lease owners responsible for switching them on and off may not always do so promptly. Furthermore, the repeated physical assaults faced by security guards have negatively affected their job profiles, making it challenging for banks to recruit personnel for these roles.

Fortunately, there is a convenient solution to address these problems. Technological advancements have reached their peak in various fields, creating an opportune time to introduce automation in ATM Signage and AC. Digital and analogue time switches are available that can be programmed for multiple electronic devices. Qwatt Technologies, in particular, offers time switches with a 5-year warranty, providing multiple programmable options. i.e., multiple devices at multiple times and a 5-year battery backup—the first of its kind in India.

By utilising Qwatt automatic time switches, we can schedule predefined times for the lights and signboard to switch on and off. The air conditioner can also be automated based on peak and off-peak hours using Qwatt digital Time Switches. Optimising the usage in this manner helps prolong the lifespan of these equipments. Notable features of these time switches include surge protection and zero maintenance costs. They are easy to install and come with technical support, making the installation process hassle-free.

Taking small effort to conserve energy and support a sustainable Earth can greatly contribute to healing our planet and boosting our country’s economy. Thus, it is highly valued and strongly encouraged to embrace such straightforward actions in order to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Qwatt Technologies offers advanced time switches with a 5-year warranty, allowing for the programming of multiple electronic devices. This includes controlling the lights, signboard, and air conditioner at predefined times. Additionally, these time switches come with features like surge protection, zero maintenance costs, and technical support, simplifying the installation process and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment. This technology helps optimize energy usage and contribute to a sustainable Earth.

Author: qwattdigital