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Qwatt Time Switches Revolutionizes Lighting Automation Industry Especially Signage Lighting.

In industries such as Banking, Automotive, Petroleum, Outdoor Advertising, ATMs, and Multi-Store Brands, the operational efficacy of indoor and outdoor lighting, especially signage lighting, has traditionally heavily relied upon manual intervention. The operation of these lighting solutions typically falls on the last employee leaving the premises or the first employee arriving in the morning, and sometimes even on security guards. Any oversight from these individuals can result in unnecessary lighting during the day or non-lighting during the night. Moreover, signboard lighting can significantly impact energy efficiency in commercial properties, leading to higher operational costs.


The adoption of automatic time switches is the sole solution for resolving such issues. A time switch (also referred to as a timer switch or simply a timer) is a device that operates an electric switch based on a pre-set timing mechanism. Integrating a time switch with the signboard facilitates precise control over turning the signboard lights on and off at specific times. This, in turn, prevents unnecessary energy wastage and contributes to prolonging the lifespan of the lighting equipment. Another notable advantage is the potential for cost savings, along with the added convenience of operating signboard lighting.

Even though a variety of timers are available on the market, they often serve specific functions and find extensive applications in the industrial sector. It’s crucial to ascertain their relevance to the signage automation requirement, that’s why even after adopting time switch, brands contend with a multitude of limitations that hinder both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Because Time switches in are typically installed by regional signage vendors those who are not well aware of the compatibility issues and product specifications. These vendors often opt for timers based on the market availability and profit margin resulting in the installation of subpar or obsolete time switches.

These time switches   possess shortcomings like automatic resets to default timings after power outages, brief one-year warranty durations, insufficient after-sales support, and inability to synchronize multiple devices with varying timings, intricate user interfaces, and limited market presence. These collective challenges impede the functionality, dependability, and user experience of existing time switch solutions. Adding to the predicament, existing time switch brands lack on-site warranty provisions, and end customers lack an avenue to address their issues.

Consequently, these issues culminate in unnecessary illumination during daylight hours and compromised brand visibility due to a failure to activate at optimal times. This inefficiency in signboard lighting profoundly impacts energy conservation, leading to inflated operational expenses. In a country like India, this issue is particularly pertinent, given the need to meet escalating power demands while simultaneously pursuing sustainable energy practices.

In this regard, Qwatt time switches emerge as a distinctive solution. Meticulously designed and engineered, they cater to the management and safeguarding of both outdoor and indoor lighting systems. This includes tasks such as signage illumination and the other electronic equipment like air conditioners etc.

Qwatt’s ground breaking solution squarely confronts the above mentioned obstacles, bolstered by an impressive five-year warranty. Key features include the provision for multiple programmable timings, safeguarding against voltage fluctuations and surges, straightforward installation, an intuitive user interface, prolonged equipment lifespan, minimal maintenance prerequisites, and the availability of on-site warranty upon request. This comprehensive approach empowers businesses to harness Qwatt’s innovative automation solution across diverse operational facets.


Qwatt’s team comprises seasoned professionals who have held pivotal roles in distinguished multinational enterprises within the fields of Automatic Lighting, Signage, and Electronics. Our collective vision is to emerge as a pioneering electronics brand that bridges industry gaps through innovative, dependable, and sustainable technological solutions. Recognizing the persistent gap that the industry has endured for the past two decades, our initial step is to address these challenges.

Recent strides have resulted in the launch of our cutting-edge time switch, imbued with advanced technology. This offering boasts four distinct output options alongside multifaceted programmability, allowing for the connection of multiple equipment units to a singular time switch, each with an individualized time setting. While Qwatt’s primary emphasis has centered on automating signage lighting, this novel time switch elevates automation to an advanced level, extending its capabilities to a wide array of electrical and electronic apparatuses. The advent of this time switch carries extensive implications across various sectors, encompassing banking, petroleum, automotive, retail, FMCG, NBFC, airports, manufacturing industries, outdoor streetlight projects, hotels, the service industry, stadiums, and railway stations. With the capability to automate a multitude of devices and diverse time settings, Qwatt’s time switch directly addresses the longstanding challenge of implementing automation within these sectors, often constrained by financial considerations.

Existing time switches often have limitations like automatic resets after power outages, short warranties, complex interfaces, and lack of on-site support. Compatibility issues and lack of product knowledge during installation contribute to inefficiencies.

Qwatt’s time switch offers multiple programmable timings, protection against voltage fluctuations, easy installation, and a user-friendly interface. It provides a prolonged equipment lifespan, minimal maintenance, and the option of on-site warranty. This comprehensive approach empowers businesses with innovative automation solutions.

Author: qwattdigital